Diplomat snatched in Gaza

September 30th, 2019

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The man, named by Egyptian officials in Gaza City as Hossam al-Musseli, was heading toward his office in Gaza City’s Al-Rimal

neighbourhood when masked gunmen surrounded his car and forced him into a separate vehicle, police said.


The kidnappers then took off on a coastal road heading toward the southern Gaza Strip.

Egyptian officials said Mr Musseli worked as a military adviser in the diplomatic mission.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas ordered an urgent manhunt for the captors and the diplomat, as police erected barricades across the territory.

“This action is foreign to the traditions of the Palestinian people,” Mr Abbas said.

“We will not allow anyone to damage brotherly relations between Palestine and Egypt.”

An Egyptian delegation has been in the Gaza Strip for several months to help the Palestinian Authority reorganise its security forces following Israel’s pullout from the territory last September.

About 30 Egyptian military instructors left the territory last week at the end of their mission.

The radical movement Hamas, which won a landslide victory in parliamentary polls last month, also condemned the kidnapping.

“Those who carry out such acts are seeking to hurt our people and damage distinguished relations that link the Egyptian and

Palestinian people,” said Hamas’s spokesman in Gaza, Sami Abu


Amr Mussa, secretary general of the Arab League, termed the kidnapping as “unacceptable”.

The kidnapping of a diplomat from “a country which has always supported the Palestinian people harms Palestinian interests,”

Mr Mussa said in a statement.

No militant group immediately claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

Kidnappings of foreigners have become a frequent occurrence in the Gaza Strip amid the security chaos fostered by armed militants.

The kidnappings have been largely concentrated in the southern

Gaza Strip, close to the border with Egypt.

All those abducted have been released unharmed, usually within a matter of hours.

Mr Abbas has repeatedly failed to fulfill vows to address the security chaos in the Palestinian territories, especially in Gaza, where gunmen from a plethora of armed factions often operate above the law.

The kidnappings, which are usually accompanied by demands for either jobs or payment, have served to frighten off investment in Gaza, one of the most impoverished and overcrowded strips of land in the world.

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